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Five Activities To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Five Activities To Keep Your Dog Healthy

It is a great responsibility if you are having a pet at your home. And you must have an idea that your dog's health and life is depending on the way you treat him. Most of the homeowners did not even take their pets to walk or run in the garden or the laws and some even do not have garden and laws at their place as they are living in the apartments. But it is necessary to keep your dog healthy by engaging him in some healthy and enjoyable activities. It is the vital duty of being a dog owner to keep your dog vaccinated and check-ups on time but as well as the dog also needs some entertaining activities to stay healthy.

In this blog, you will get 5 activities to keep your dog healthy. So keep reading to get complete information.

These activities are as follows:

  1. Daily Walk to Build a Habit

Do you know that dogs love to walk and run? So if you want to maintain a good relationship with your pet then you have to take him with you for a walk every day. This will build a routine and as you know the walk is very good for joints and muscles. So your dog will maintain his health in this way. You can also let your dog for running in the park while you are sitting. But make sure that your dog is trained enough that he will return to you when he finishes playing or running in the park. Otherwise, you might lose your dog.

  1. Engaging Your Dog In hiding And Seek

If you have not enough time that you can take him outdoors, play with him in the part and let him run in a straight path then you can also engage him in some indoor activities. Like you can play hide and seek with him in your home. Let someone hold your pet and in the meantime, you hide somewhere. Then call your dog and let him find you. In this way, your dog can maintain his mental health and he will be active as he will not hide so you always need to hide as this is a one-way game. Your pet will smell you and find you. It will keep your dog engaged and healthy.

Dog siting on the beach
  1. Strength Training by a Tug of War Play

As hide and seek is the one-side play, some games will keep both sides engage. Like you can buy a tug rope from the market and start a tug of war between you and your dog. In this way, you will get to know who is stronger from both of you. If you have a larger dog then it will keep him healthy and will also work as an exercise for him. But you have to make sure that you are not pulling the rope very hard as it will damage the teeth of your dog or cause another injury. So be careful while playing.

  1. Use Bubble Guns to Entertain Your Dog

You can keep your dog busy if you will buy a bubble gun for him. It will be very exciting for him as he will try to catch the bubbles. In this way, his joints and muscles remain active and healthy. Laser lights can also help you to entertain your dog in this way.

Dog trying to grab bubbles
  1. Engage Your Dog in Rough Play

Dogs also like some rough plays like hiding and playing with the blankets. But you have to make sure that you are not hurting your dog anyway. This will also work as training for your dog to not attack anyone in the excitement. Too rough plays can cause an injury, as well as your dog, can attack you. So keep in mind and don't play too rough plays.

It is crucial to keep your dog healthy and active. So do as the blog direct, you will get good results.

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